We provide a full physical and orthopedic exam for all new patients. We are also able to provide pre-participation sports physicals for athletes. Some of our treatment methods and options include:


Chiropractic Manipulation
We primarily use Diversified Chiropractic Manipulation, which basically takes pieces of various forms of Chiropractic adjusting to provide a comfortable and easy way align the spine. This is the primary technique taught at all Chiropractic Schools.

We also employ the use of an adjusting tool called the Activator, which helps to easily adjust smaller joints (such as the TMJ). We also use it for patients who are afraid of the cracking sound or, in rare cases, for patients who are unable to be manually adjusted for any particular reason.


Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine
Acupuncture is a treatment method that is part of the ancient Chinese medicine healing system largely based on the flow of Qi (lifeforce/energy). Qi travels via meridians (pathways) throughout the entire body and each meridian dictates specific functions to the corresponding areas of the body. Smooth flowing Qi achieves homeostasis and balance of the body and mind; disharmony in the body disrupts the flow of Qi, causing stagnation which can further lead to pain and disease. There are more than 400 acupuncture points commonly utilized to influence the circulation of Qi through the body. Very thin (0.12 to 0.30mm gauge) needles are inserted through the skin and muscle to correct imbalances, unblock obstruction to promote natural healing and improve function. The efficacy of acupuncture is supported by scientific evidence from the leading research universities and hospitals nationally and globally. The World Health Organization and National Institutes of Health, two of the most prominent authorities in health related research and policy, support acupuncture as effective treatment for a range of health conditions. Western science has several theories to explain the mechanism of the effects of acupuncture, largely based on stimulating the nervous system, altering brain chemistry, affecting white blood cell activity and regulating cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar levels among other things.


Theraputic Exercise and Stretching
Stretches and exercises will always be given. The key element to treat any physical pain is proper movement which is why you will always be shown various stretching and exercise techniques at the right time and with the proper progression of difficulty.


Nutritional Analysis and Advice
Nutrition plays a large part in your overall health. We are able to analyze what you eat daily and make recommendations to help you improve your diet. In addition, we can recommend proper supplementation for overall health and also short term immediate relief.


Manual Soft Tissue Treatment (MRT/Graston)
We employ various muscle techniques to help reduce any muscle adhesions, tightness, or spasm. Treatments include Graston (form of muscle fascia stripping), Myofascial Release, passive stretching, resistance training, muscle trigger point therapy, and active & passive muscle stripping.


Electrical Stimulation
Electrical muscle stimulation delivers a low, pain-free, electrical current that is used to help reduce pain, swelling, and muscle spasm.


Kinesio-Tape (or K-Tape) is an advanced taping technique originally used to treat athletic injuries. It is highly used to treat Olympic-level and Professional athletes. K-Tape has various uses including preventing muscle injuries, prevention and treatment of sprained ligaments and joints, as well as reducing both swelling and bruising.


Custom orthotics are available for those with variations in the arches of their feet resulting in foot, knee, hip, or low back pain. Your feet can be scanned during the appointment and your custom made orthotics will be delivered within a few days.


Ergonomic Support
We can make recommendations for your current work environment to help you achieve the best ergonomics possible so that you can work comfortably and prevent adverse postural syndromes.


Personal Injury & Worker’s Compensation
We welcome Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation cases. Please contact us for details.


DOT Exam
We are now available for DOT exams. Please contact us for more information.