Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Care for Athletes

Pain relief is the most common reason people seek out chiropractic care, however, with the adjustment alone, the doctor of Chiropractic can offer more than just pain relief. One measurable benefit of chiropractic care is an increased range of motion and flexibility. The chiropractic adjustment breaks up adhesion’s in joint capsules and properly aligns joints allowing them to move properly. This is invaluable to athletes, for example, football wide receivers require the greatest range of motion in their necks, backs and hips in order to turn, spot the ball, make the catch, turn back to spot defenders, then burst with speed to evade the defenders and score.

A second great benefit of regular chiropractic care is prevention of injuries. Proper alignment of the spine contributes to proper muscle firing and equal tone on either side of the body. Muscle imbalance on one side can lead to two things; firstly, an inefficient use of the muscle group, limiting an athlete’s performance at his/her optimal level. Secondly, muscle imbalance increases the likelihood of strain or injury to the muscle group. An analogy of this can compare an athlete’s body to a suspension bridge like the Golden Gate Bridge. An earthquake hits the San Francisco area, damaging the center pole of the bridge. The center pole is tilted to one side affecting the support cables supporting the sides of the bridge, one side taut the other loose. This same picture can be applied to the human body, if an athlete is tackled (the earthquake) his/her spine (the center pole of the Golden Gate Bridge) becomes misaligned and the adjacent muscles, tendons and ligaments (the support cables) also become imbalanced. The hyper-stretched muscles increase the chances of tearing, while inactive muscles do not protect or move the joint as they should. Proper muscle balance is critical for every athlete, not only to perform at their peak but also to perform at the highest level with the lowest chance of injury.

One of the prime reasons professional athletes use chiropractic care is to promote proper and faster healing after an injury. Correct alignment reduces strain on the joints and surrounding tissue, which in turn reduces pain and returns the body to a homeostatic environment. When the body is in its natural alignment, with minimal strain on joints and soft tissue, it can dedicate itself to healing injuries. When the body is not in proper alignment and muscles are imbalanced, the body will naturally protect itself from further injury before starting the healing process. This typically is seen in a process known as “splinting,” like when muscles are overly tight after an injury, it is the body’s way to protect from further injury by guarding the joint and surrounding area. The chiropractic manipulation forces the body into proper alignment and muscle balance, in turn allowing the body to supply energy toward the healing process.

Another benefit of chiropractic care is increasing nerve conduction. Nerves communicate the brain and spinal column to every part of the body. A misaligned spine may cause inflammation or impingement of a nerve, affecting communication from the brain and spinal cord to the respective area the nerves serve. This can cause a number of symptoms like numbness, tingling or weakness. It has been shown that chiropractic manipulation is extremely effective in alleviating these symptoms by realigning the spine to allow proper nerve conduction and reduce inflammation. These are only some of the reasons why athletes trust chiropractic care. Come see what we can do for you at Upland Spine & Rehabilitation Chiropractic Center.

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