Typical Appointment


Initial Visit
The initial visit will normally consist of three aspects: History, Exam, and the Treatment.

The first step is taking note of your past medical history and history of the current complaint. Please download, print, and complete the Initial Intake Forms prior to the appointment.

Following the History, we will begin the exam. The exam consists of a physical exam and a focused regional exam based on the chief complaint. Vital statistics will be monitored at each visit.

Upon completion of the physical and orthopedic exams, treatment options will be discussed. Treatment will begin once all questions have been answered & consent is given.

The typical time required for an initial visit is about 1 hour.

Follow-Up Visit
All follow up visits will be shorter than the initial visit and normally consist of two parts: Review of the previous visit and Treatment.
During the review of the previous visit, we will discuss how the treatment went, if symptoms improved or worsened, and go over exercises and stretches.

Treatment will continue after the review of the previous visit is completed.

The typical time required for a follow-up visit is about 15-30 minutes.